Group Show

Kunstpunkt Berlin, Schlegelstraße 6, 10115 Berlin

June 2017

HECKE, Group Show, Kunstpunkt

The exhibition HECKE [HEDGE] is a cooperation between art students at weißensee academy of art berlin and students in art history and visual studies at Humboldt University Berlin. The project’s focus is on the democratic cooperation between artists and curators in the design of the exhibition, as a new and foundational curatorial principle. What effect does exchange—both with the environment as well as amongst the participants—have on artistic as well as curatorial work? And how can an exhibition be designed and conceived so that it does justice to 25 different artistic positions as well as different thematic foci and various media? After all, all participating artist were given roughly four square meters each, assigned by lot. HECKE is conceived as an exhibition that questions the borders between self and outside.

HECKE Exhibition Catalogue